Lucas Wharf Restaurant & Bar

 595 S Highway 1
Bodega Bay, CA

Lucas Wharf is a "dive off the pier"

As a former restaurant owner, I try to give breaks where I can to other places that might have a bad night. However, Lucas Wharf tested my compassion. Went there on a recommendation from a colleague who had good things to say about it. The place seemed cozy and inviting. The view of the bay from the dining room was spectacular and the beer was cold. That was about as good as it got. Our appetizers were tasteless and my chowder was cold. The shellfish was gut wrenchingly bad that came with our entrees. My fish fry combo had overcooked shrimp and scallops that tasted like they were going bad. My side of mixed vegetables was steamed beyond recognition. Two other entrees of shellfish were brought out with plenty of unopened crustaceans, a sure sign of bad shellfish. Normally, the kitchen would check to remove as many of these as possible. The place was not too busy so there was no excuse not to. All four entrees we ordered were horrible. Additionally, the waiter looked like he had a groovy case of pink eye, really appealing when you’re trying to enjoy a meal.

Around 24 hours later, I started to get sick as well as my daughter. I couldn’t put two and two together until I was told that my daughter had eaten a scallop off my plate when I went to the bathroom. She spent the next day throwing up. I was a little better but not by much.

I tried to get the owner on the phone for a week and a half with no luck. Didn’t want to make a big deal about it. Just found out today that the owner, Peggy Lucas, did receive my complaint letter and decided that the best remedy was to go on vacation and be unavailable for the next two weeks: a sure fire way to show one care’s after most likely getting someone ill from food borne illness.

Ladies and gents, there aren’t many dining choices in Bodega Bay, by design. It’s a beautiful place and I recommend that you visit there. However, I would rather order in at my hotel before ever stepping into Lucas Wharf. The only way I can see that they stay in business is because of a captive tourist audience. The place is simply awful and with their apparent lack of concern, you have a better than odds on shot at ruining your vacation unless you plan to spend it face down in the toilet.

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Gut wrenchingly bad

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