Mandarin Garden Restaurant

 10665 Melody Dr
Northglenn, CO

Very Unhappy

Ok, for all the people up in the north metro area. I want to warn all of you to stay away from Mandarin Garden Chinese Resuraunt in Northglenn on 107th and Melody. This place used to be great, reasonable prices, great food. We walked in at 7pm last night and most of the buffet was empty and what they did have was kind of warm but not to the point you usually expect your food. Kind of almost room temperature but not. When you said something to the people working there they nod and walk away as if they were going to take care of it but never did. Then the bill comes, and not only have their prices went up on food and drinks but “they” added a 15% tip to the bill. At a buffet. All they did is bring our drinks out and bus the dishes, we served our own freaking food. Then they also had a line for additional tip on the credit card slip. Mandarin Garden, I will never eat there again, nor will I ever tell anyone anything good about your establishment.

Banquet Dinner without Soup (Per Person)

Again buffet was empty in a lot of places, and the food was not adequently warm.

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