405 Main St
Port Washington, NY

Last 5 letters of the name are NASTY

Spare ribs were dry, overcooked and had virtually no meat. 8 ribs and less than 2 oz of meat. Shrimp roll was good. Crispy scallops tasted like chlorine bleach. We know why! The shrimp with aspagarus was almost inedible. Beautiful restaurant, not a single soul sitting at a single table. Seriously! It was 8:15 in the evening on a Wednesday SOMEBODY must have been hungry!! They were, but THEY knew something I didn’t. The best part of the entire meal waw the fortune cookie that was prepackaged and never was exposed to the air of the kitchen. Don’t just STAY away from this very pretty looking dump, RUN away from it!! Disgusting, and dyNASTY.

002. Shrimp Roll

Notrhing special, but not bad

012. Barbecued Spare Ribs

Good dog bones, cross cut ribs that had splintered sides, dried meat stuck to the bones and inseparable. Had good flavor – if you licked them, because there was no meat on the bones

4. Crispy Scallops Lightly Breaded and Pan Fried

Scallops dredged in greasy batter and flavored with chlorine bleach. Poison!!

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