Vicki Lee's Bakeshop, Catering and Take-Away

 105 Trapelo Rd
Belmont, MA

Worst coffee break in my life

I went there around noon with my 2 year old son, my friend and his 3 year old daughter. Once we sitted and waiter came to our table, she said that we have to have lunch here or leave and come later! I’ve never heard anything like that!!! Why don’t they remove all the pastry around noon if they don’t want customers to have it? We had to explain for few minutes that we are not hungry yet, that we just came to have coffee and some pastry. Every part of waiter’s body tried to show us that she didn’t like it (probably not our order, but just potential tips), but took our order. But that’s not the end of the story. The most interesting thing actually happened later when our kids started playing with each other. Essentially, they just walked around our table – they didn’t run around cafe and were rather quiet. But our waiter didn’t like it (though, she might just wanted to have other customers at our table who will have lunch). She came to our table every minute and told us put our kids in babystrollers. Then, even manager of Vicky Lee started to count potential profit:-) She also came to our table and explicitly asked to never come to this place again just to have coffee and pastry! Ridiculous! Can you imagine that? We had to finish our coffee quickly and leave that idiotic place ASAP!

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