Brother's Pizza & Restaurant

 700 Burmont Rd
Drexel Hill, PA

Worst Customer Service in Drexel Hill

The customer service at Brother s Pizza is the worst in Drexel Hill! since they started delivering pizza! We ordered for a children s party and after waiting for over an hour for deliver to our home that is located five minutes away we called and were told there was a computer problem so they re-took the order with no offer of a discount or a free pizza. After waiting again for over half an hour we called back and complained that we had children waiting and they did not offer us a discount or free pizza the first time we called. A female manager said that she would give us a free 2 liter soda and that was all they could give us since they need to make a profit !!! Is that how you treat good customers? Their pizza is good but it is not worth the aggravation of dealing with such snobs! There are many other Pizza Places in Drexel Hill who are concerned more about their customers than their PROFIT!!!!!



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