The Noodle House

 1507 Sloat Blvd
San Francisco, CA

The Noodle House is a GREAT family owned restaurant!

I’m a local who grew up in the Sunset District and went to Lincoln High a public school. I’ve been going to the Noodle House with my friends since then.

The Noodle House IS convenient. There’s ample parking, a grocery store and post office so you can attend to other errands while you wait for your food. It’s definitely an unassuming little hidden gem of a San Francisco family owned restaurant that has decent prices for good quality Thai food.

I tend to order the duck soup with extra greens and ramen-style noodles, the Tom Ka Gai with chicken, the fried rice option with chicken, the pad-thai with chicken, the Gang Khew Warn Curry chicken and Satay Gai with brown rice and the chicken satay. ALL of these choices, ordered all at once are amazingly delicious and comforting when you’ve a busy work week and you’re in need of several servings of good food to tide you over so you don’t have to cook. Instead, you get to eat some lovely, affordable Thai food from a wonderful family-owned restaurant in San Francisco who are incredibly grateful for your business. Especially now during Covid-19.

If you’re looking for a Pacific Heights neighborhood-type restaurant don’t bother showing up at the Noodle House. If you’re looking for a reliable place to get a decent Thai meal that leaves you satiated and is helpful to you and your family when you don’t want to cook, by all means, head over to The Noodle House. Oh & hey, be sure to tip them with CA$H. Don’t be cheap, okay ? Tell ’em I said Swạsdī

Satay Gai

Delicious chicken-on-a-stick with peanut sauce w/mini-cucumber vinegar salad

Pad Thai with chicken

Fresh, crisp vegetables and delicious noodles with chicken!

Gang Khew Warn Curry with chicken

Savory-spicy enough to satisfy! Thanks!

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