Vera's Pizza

 7168 Marshall Rd
Upper Darby, PA

Tacky, Terrible, and Tasteless!!

I must always catch the staff on their bad days because I have given this place several chances and every time I have been disappointed. The staff is just plain rude and their lack of interest while taking your order maybe one of the reasons the food is so horrible. The delivery driver also lacks manners & professionalism. The next time I want to spend $45 bucks on greasy burnt pizza, sloppy soggy sandwiches, and lewd comments from creepy delivery guys I know exactly where to call….Vera’s Pizza.

Family Special

The family special came with 2 cheese pizzas, 2 cheesesteaks, and a 2ltr beverage. The pizza was extremely greasy and the cheese was burnt and chewy. The pizza crust had an almost pasty flavor ( yes… just like the paste we all used in kindergarten and and at the time thought it would be a good idea to eat :) )

As for the cheesesteaks, I was always taught if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all, So I will leave it at that.

The 2ltr. beverage was cold, so it was’nt a total loss.

Grilled Reuben & Rachel

Not so fresh ingredients, sloppy construction, very soggy.

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