Wellesley Hills House of Pizza

 19 Washington St
Wellesley, MA

Never Again

I stopped in here with my daughter to grab a quick slice of pizza after sports. It was 8:45 on a Friday night. There was a lady and boy leaving with some food when we arrived. otherwise, the place was empty. The takeout menu said it was open until 9pm. I ordered 2 slices of cheese pizza and was told there were none left, but I could order a small cheese pizza. I was hoping to be quick, and he said it would only take 10 mins. He took a premise pie out of a little cabinet and popped it into the oven and we sat to wait. It was freezing in the place!
After a couple of minutes, he started to get a take out box ready and I told him we would be eating in. He then told me he was closing and we could not stay. He told me he had been there since 9am.
Well, that wouldn’t work as I had to drive. Were we to eat in the car? Why didn’t he tell us before taking our order?
I was not pleased as I could have ordered across the street! But rather than leaving as I should have, I waited and paid for the pizza I couldnt eat. No tip was left, and he yelled at my daughter and I to say thank you as we left. We were back in the car by 8:55 pm.
I really hope this sorry excuse for a man is the owner and gets to watch his pathetic little pizza shop go bankrupt. I also hope he gets a very itchy and extensive rash. What a jerk! My daughter said the pizza was gross, but I was driving and wouldn’t have tried it anyways.

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