The Melting Pot

 334 E Mountain Ave
Fort Collins, CO

The Full Dining Experience

I recently enjoyed a fabulous birthday dinner at The Melting Pot in Fort Collins. Located on Mountain Avenue on the northeast side of old town, The Melting Pot looks small from the outside, but offers a pleasant, dimly-lit atmosphere inside, with private tables and attentive servers. This fondue chain, which operates over 100 restaurants nationwide, offers a delicious (if expensive) multi-course fondue meal. My family of five enjoyed the “Big Night Out” menu feature for four people, and still ended up with more food than we could finish.

The meal begins with cheese fondue, followed by a salad, the main course featuring a selection of different meats and cooking styles, and finally the chocolate fondue dessert. I enjoyed every course but the salad, which seemed excessive considering the amount of other food being served. I enjoyed the fact that the servers space the courses apart from each other, giving my family and I time to talk and eat at a slower pace. A meal at The Melting Pot typically lasts between 2 to 3 hours, so it is best to give yourself plenty of time to enjoy the experience.

Although the prices are on the expensive side, the dining experience is truly fun and unique. Due to the dimly-lit atmosphere inside the restaurant and the sense of privacy at the tables, I can see it as a great place for a romantic dinner, although it can also be enjoyed with a larger group. I found the servers friendly and attentive, the food excellent, and the atmosphere very relaxing. I would definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone who likes to sit down and enjoy delicious food, friendly service and good company.

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