Shochu (CLOSED)

 3313 N Clark St
Chicago, IL


I went to Shochu last night with my boyfriend and another couple. We were a little nervous when we first walked in and saw that only one table was occupied but we requested a table in the outdoor patio in the back and were relieved to see a couple more occuppied tables outside. The service is friendy, although I was surprised that our waiter did not offer any suggestions or help with the menu until we specifically asked about items on the menu. The food was actually pretty good but I would have liked to see bigger portions – between the four of us, we ordered about two to three entrees (half orders) each and were not totally full at the end. We started with the really spicy tuna maki, and I would have to say that I was disappointed in the really spicy tuna maki , because it was not as spicy as the name had implied. I mean come on if you name something really spicy, it better be really spicy! And I would not recommend ordering maki here, it was not that great and the rolls are very tiny! We did get the skirt steak which was pretty good, it was similar to a steak lettuce wrap and again I would have liked to see a little more steak in there but it was pretty tasty. I also enjoyed the braised short ribs that we ordered. We also ordered the mushroom gyoza which were tasty but nothing out of the ordinary. We ordered the fried tofu with the ginger honey glaze, which tasted like fried tofu covered in honey sauce. I love dessert but I was disappointed that this dish was nothing more than fried tofu with honey over it. I could have made that at home! And I love dessert and tofu but this dish was just weird. My favorite dish was the lobster curry bowl – the curry was thick and spicy (just the way I like it!) and there was a whole lobster clawin the dish. Usually when you see lobster mentioned in dishes, unless it is a full lobster, it is hard to have real lobster meat in there. Overall I had a pretty good experience, I would go back and order the Lobster curry. However, I didn’t find that any of the other dishes were amazing, and for what they all cost, I would have expected more of a wow factor. So to sum it up, I might go and pick up some lobster curry if I was in the neighborhood, but in terms of going back there, I would rather go somewhere where I can better food for my money.

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