Barkley Restaurant & Bar

 1400 Huntington Dr
South Pasadena, CA

Went into a place which use to be called...

Went into a place which use to be called “CrossBow”. Decided to check it out. Big mistake. Walked in to find two employes hanging at the bar, one employee behind the bar and two patrons standing, having a drink. The music was something you don’t want to talk about and the welcome left a lot to be desired. Had a few drinks, after having to buy a shot to make it a drink. Briefly spoke to what appeared to be a manager. The place is dead with nothing happening. Guess they use the place as their employee hangout until Thursday when they supposedly have some type of entertainment. Funny thing. Not one person was found sitting at any table eating. Sad situation for an establishment that use to bump every night of the week. Need to work on getting patrons into the place and offering something other than piped in music. There is potential for someone with vision. Owner nor manager made any attempt to welcome, greet or thank us!!!!



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