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Bobby's Burger Palace

 Bergen Town Center
Paramus, NJ

Gourmet Burgers @ Bobby's Burger Palace

It was a big deal with Bobby’s Burger Palace opened up at Bergen Town Center. The line to get in to the place was absolutely long. While it isn’t as long as it was in the beginning, the wait to get in is still there. I finally decided to see what the fuss was all about.

The menu is very simple. It’s plastered on the wall while you move towards the cashier. You have the option of eating in or taking this out. The makes a difference because there are two separate lines for ordering in the manner.

All burgers are certified Angus beef. But for those that do not want to eat beef at all, you can choose ground turkey or chicken breast instead. All of a sudden the burgers that are listed just tripled in the amount that you can choose with your choice of meat.

I tried something simple with the Booby Blue Burger. I opted for the chicken breast that was topped with blue cheese, bacon, lettuce and tomato. Since I asked if I wanted to crunchy my burger I said yes. It’s basically crushed potato chip sin your burger to add another layer of texture.

It’s a seat yourself place once you order with a lot of communal tables. That means you’ll be siting beside a complete stranger in need be. Servers will come and bring your food to you when it’s ready. I was pretty impressed with what I tasted in my burger. I also had to get a side of sweet potato fries to seal the deal.

I can see the attraction to Bobby’s Burger Palace. It falls somewhere in between fast food and casual dining. It’s not a bad place to dine if you can get a seat.


Jun Lung Restaurant

 180 Franklin Tpke
Mahwah, NJ

Popular Chinese/Japanese Place @ Jun Lung

When Jun Lung added Japanese food to its menu, I didn’t think it would last. It was already successful as solely a Chinese restaurant. It was a risk to make this move when they did their expansion. However it has paid off.

I wasn’t loving the sushi and sashimi from his place when they first introduced it. Everything didn’t taste fresh and it had a fishy smell to it. Good sashimi doesn’t have any smell and this did so I didn’t order here again. But that changed when I visited this place again.

I noticed the sushi was new so I decide to give it a chance again. I’m glad I did because I can taste the difference. The sashimi is definitely that much better. Even the knife works is better because the pieces aren’t extremely thick. I can tell that the fish is fresh and is taken care of in a proper manner. I have a fondness for the spicy crunch roll with the spider roll coming in a close second. The sashimi dinner is good as well but I would definitely get the Love Boat platter if you are in a sharing mood. It’s definitely worth the money.

I am happy with this new discovery. Usually this hybrid blend of Chinese and Japanese under the she roof doesn’t always succeed. I’m glad that Jun Lung has taken some steps to move beyond mediocrity and improve with its selection. It’s a good marriage of the two cultures.


Nosher Rye Deli

 51 West Allendale Avenue
Allendale, NJ

Building Sandwiches @ Nosher-Rye Deli

I was out with my mother doing girl things when we both decided we were hungry. Since we were Allendale we noticed a new place that we hadn’t seen before. Nosher-Rye Deli states that they don’t make sandwiches, they build them. It’s an interesting slogan but one that intrigued me.

As indicated by the type of place, Nosher-Rye specializes in sandwich making. The menu is filled with varieties that will make your mouth salivate over these selections. The combination sandwiches are popular and quick to make. The triple deckers especially look inviting. I was more interested in the hot open sandwiches specifically the hot roast beef. I the brown gravy that goes with it.

I knew my husband would jealous if I didn’t bring home something for him. He loves a good reuben so I got him a nice dual rebuen. It is a combination of corned beef and pastrami piled with Sauerkraut, Swiss & Russian dressing on toasted rye. When he sank his teeth into it he was in heaven.

It’s nice to know that they do breakfast. It makes for a good excuse to see what they offer in the morning. It’s a good alternative to the Dunkin’ Donuts just a few feet away and that place is always packed in the morning.

Nosher-Rye is a wonderful addition to Allendale. It definitely adds something different to the place while providing excellent sandwiches for all to feast.


La Fiamma

 119 East Ridgewood Avenue
Ridgewood, NJ

Outdoor Adventure @ La Fiamma

Eating outdoors in Ridgewood isn’t uncommon. Many restaurants have outdoor seating when the weather begs for it. La Fiamma is one of these places and it’s hard to ignore an outdoor setting with Italian food on hand.

The food is what you would expect from Italian fanfare from the antipasti to the entrees. What caught my eye was the wood-burning oven pizza. There is such a different taste when it comes to wood-burning pizza so I knew I had to give this a try. I had the Verdura which consists of homemade mozzarella, mushrooms. roasted peppers, black olives, spinach and tomato sauce. It really was a good pizza and one I thoroughly enjoyed.

What irks me about this place is the wait service especially if you are seated outside. It wasn’t crowded when I arrived so I had no problems getting seated. However I had problems finding someone to wait on me. It took more than 10 minutes before someone decided to come out and check on me and give and a glass of water. I wasn’t to only one irked by the outdoor service. Many people seated outside faced similar missteps from the wait staff.

The prices are reasonable and the food is decent. Once the service gets under control I’m sure the experience at La Fiamma will be more enjoyable.


Moshi Moshi

 137 North Franklin Turnpike
Waldwick, NJ

Sub-Par Sushi Take-Out @ Moshi Moshi

Once sushi bars took a hold of this area, take out sushi wasn’t going to be too far behind. Enter Moshi Moshi—a take-out sushi restaurant on Franklin Turnpike in Waldwick. I tried this spot three times for a sushi meal, and was disappointed all three times.
When dining on sushi or sashimi, you definitely require the freshest fish.

Moshi Moshi fish does not have the freshest taste. Sometimes the fish still had a frozen, cold interior. Other times, it was too fragrant—and believe me, you don’t want to smell your fatty tuna when it is on your plate.

The prices for platters and other dinners are competitive but on the more expensive side. They have the standard fare: rolls, sushi, sashimi. I didn’t find my tuna rolls appealing—the rice was gummy, the seaweed was chewy, and the fish was bland.

What really made me decide not to return to this establishment was when I discovered a black hair in my food—and I have blonde hair.

The staff is friendly and the chef seems skilled and friendly as well. Perhaps this sort of take out restaurant appeals to busy families—but this day and age, sushi takeout is available all over the place, so Moshi Moshi had better up its game if it doesn’t want to lose more customers.



 47 E Ridgewood Ave
Ridgewood, NJ

India Comes to Ridgewood @ Mela

Ridgewood is known for its variety of restaurants. If you walk down the street, it feels like a cultural exchange program going from Turkey to Indonesia to Italy to China to India. Mela is a great Indian restaurant that has been around for many years attracting all types of curious people wondering what Indian food is all about. It ha shaken my a while to find out myself but once I did I knew Mela was the place to try out.

The aromas really hit you when you walk into the place and it feels both exotic and inviting. Not knowing what to try I definitely felt that the appetizer sampler was the way to do it. I have do admit that I now have a fondness for samosas and pakoras. That’s, of course, after I got used to the spices. Once I did I knew I could handle what was in store for me.

The butter chicken is such a simple concoction but extremely tasty dish. I definitely feel in love with it and knew I found a winner. This was even better with both the basmati rice and naan on hand. Both give the curry a different texture in taste but was very complementary.

During the meal I was treated to a nice mango lassi. It’s like a milkshake but made with buttermilk. After the mean I indulged with a nice hot chai.

I was impressed with Mela and definitely have a great fondness for Indian food. Here’s to future jaunts with exotic spices.


What's Cookin

 201 Main Street
New Milford, NJ

The Local Hangout for My Students @ What's Cookin'

When the lunch bell rings at my school, all the students disappear for lunch. You can find a lot of them congregating at What’s Cookin’ in New Milford, NJ (or just simply What’s as the students call it). It’s a little hole-in-the-wall that delivers on big flavors.

This place is cozy because you really have to squeeze in and make yourself feel at home. That’s the charm of the place. It’s also very affordable especially of students who are on a budget. No wonder my students love to hangout over here. It’s almost something come to life from an Archie comic book where the gang all hangs out at the Chock’lit Shoppe.

The food is simple but packed with good taste and flavor. Burgers start as low as $3.50, sandwiches and wraps are in the $5-$6 range, and the array of sides start as low as $2. Breakfast is popular and extremely cheap. Imagine having 2 eggs, any style with potatoes & toast with ham, bacon or sausage for only $4.95. The home fries are incredible. I’m always a sucker for them so it’s always one of the items I’ll get. I’m glad breakfast is served at any time of the day because it works well for me.

What’s Cookin’ is an extremely popular place. The locals really embrace this restaurant and make it a local hangout. Sometimes it’s extremely hard to get a seat just because no one wants to leave. It has a nice homey atmosphere that begs people coming back for more.


Frank's Pizza & Restaurant

 189 Us Highway 46
Saddle Brook, NJ

Family Owned Pizzeria Delivers Great Taste @ Frank's Pizza

Every pizza place always claims to make the “best pizza in the neighborhood” but Frank’s Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant isn’t far off its claim. This family owned restaurant has been preparing authentic, homemade Italian food for over 20 years. It’s not surprising that they have a huge following and loyal customers.

Frank’s uses fresh ingredients with everything they create and it shows in its product. This is why they always get repeat customers and new ones through word of mouth. Just look at how busy they are during lunch and you can see that the people have spoken when it comes to great pizza. Dinner is equally busy with a lot of people taking home fresh pizza for their families.

A lot of specials are offered during the week with a nice Wednesday special that includes free meals for kids with the purchase on an adult entree.

Everything is subject to the user’s tastebuds but Frank’s does a pretty good job at keeping people happy with its offering. They do not disappoint at all.


Allendale Bar & Grill

 67 W Allendale Ave
Allendale, NJ

Pub Food is Always Great--Allendale Bar and Grill

The Allendale Bar & Grill is a popular place to hang out especially after work in Allendale, NJ. Lots of 20 and 30 something folks congregrate to this place for some fun and relaxation. You can see a crowd form at the bar watching the tube and drinking beer.

If you want a more quiet setting, then you can choose to have a sit down meal in the restaurant section. I’m one of those people that believe bars and pubs serve great food with generous portions at good prices. The AB&G falls right into that category. I’m always taking home leftovers because I can never finish my meal in one sitting.

The staff is very friendly and sometimes very busy so getting their attention can be hard, unless you flash them.

The problem I have with the place is the smoking. The only way to the restaurant portion is through the smoke-filled bar. Do this when you enter and exit and you’ll definitely have it lingering on your clothes for a while. This can be a nuisance if you detest the smell of smoke.

Other than that, the food is great. Definitely try the all-you-can eat brunch on Sundays. It’s a feast unlike any other.


Dim Sum Dynasty

 75 Franklin Ave
Ridgewood, NJ

Little Pieces of Treasures @ Dim Sum Dynasty

I never experienced what true dim sum really was until Dim Sum Dynasty arrived in Ridgewood, NJ. I couldn’t understand what the fuss was all about since I could order dim sum from the menu. I didn’t realize that what is offered on the menu every day is just a small sampling of how dim sum is really served.

On the weekends during brunch time, this is when true dim sum is served. Servers come around wheeling carts. On the carts are a variety of different steamed and fried dishes. It is obvious that these are cooked fresh and then served right away. I loved the selections of steamed shrimp dumplings, sticky rice, steamed beef balls, and even steamed chicken feet. There are so many different selections that in the end when you have sampled almost everything you will feel completely full and satisfied.

The prices for these dishes vary but it doesn’t cost a lot. Each dish ranges from $3 and up. There’s about 3-4 pieces in each dish so it’s not like you are eating big portions. However it does all add up in the end.

I was surprised by how much I really like the whole dim sum concept. This is nothing what I imagined but turned out to be a glorious experience. I can see why this is such a popular time to eat, which explains the crowd.

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