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Fantastic food is like an intimate encounter with your tastebuds.

My friends and I like to go out for dinner as often as we’re able to do so. We enjoy trying new places and gambling on new signature dishes we’ve never heard of before. We also like going back to our favourite “fallbacks” where we’re welcome & well fed!


Lone Star Texas Grill

 14 Martindale Crescent
Ancaster, ON

New restaurant, excellent dining experience

I enjoy a good grill, even veggies taste better grilled, so I’ve been looking forward to trying this restaurant for a while. Plus, you put the word chipotle into items on the menu and I’m going to try them because I love that rich, smoky, sweet flavour it gives to sauces.

And today there were no disappointments, just great food with my friends.

Actually, the first noticeable thing was the service. They go so far as to open the door for you when arriving & leaving. The staff I saw were all smiling. And our server, a woman named Billy, really knew her menu, gave good suggestions, and gave us that little bit of extra service that made us enjoy the visit even more.

Here are some examples of the extra service we received today. My friend who ordered water to drink was brought a full jug of ice water with a couple of slices of lemon in it. There are some places I’ve eaten where I wished they’d have done that. For the appetizer sampler they had run out of one item and so our server told us what we’d be served to replace it and it was also very good. And with dessert, my two friends & I ordered cheesecake with each of us ordering a different topping. Billy’s suggestion was to bring the cheesecakes out with a small bowl of each topping so we could try all of them on our cheesecakes.

That goes above & beyond and will have my friends & I going back for more. And yes, in case you were wondering the food is delicious.

I also liked the atmosphere there. The sports bar section is off seperate with games on various screens, so if my friends want to eat while watching a game that’s on they can do so. I even liked the flickering flame-like lights they use in the hanging chandeliers. For some that might seem cheesy, but I think it’s something nice to look at.

Lone Star Sampler (appetizer)

Normally this comes with a spinach dip that my friends were raving about, but today they substituted an order of Con Queso dip. For those unfamiliar with con queso, it is like having your favourite jar of processed cheese spread and mixing in some salsa flavours.

The other notable dips were the sweet thai chili sauce and an amazing chipotle plum sauce that I really loved.

It came with Texas-cut (large) onion rings, some crispy taquitos (picture a spring roll filled with yummy Tex-Mex ingredients), some non-fishy-tasting crispy calamari, chicken quesadillas (an excellent Tex-Mex dish comparable to a grilled cheese sandwich…which tasted great dipped in the sweet chipotle plum sauce I might add), and some tasty cheddar jalepeno flatbread which didn’t scorch a single tastebud.

I have to admit that I was grateful they had such a sample platter because when I first looked at their appetizers, I had no idea which one to start with first because I want to try everything.

On a sidenote, our server mentioned if there was something we wanted to try from the menu that we weren’t sure we’d get a full order of for an entree, that she’d pop into the kitchen to bring us a sample. I love that idea, because sometimes I like to try totally new things but don’t know if I want to commit to a full plate of it.

I’m really glad we got the Sampler and would like to get it again next visit.

Signature Fajitas

The price for the fajitas is approximate since my friend & I split a large one-pound order. So we saved a little money and got to share the awesome flavours.

The difference between the regular fajitas and the Signature Fajitas is that Lone Star changes the fixings to include pineapple salsa (hey, don’t make a face, I swear it tastes good!) and Pepito Mole (pronounce that “Mo-lay” or I’m eating your dessert). If you’ve never tried mole sauce (stop laughing, you KNOW how it’s supposed to be pronounced) then you really need to try it here and anywhere else you find it. Mole recipes (hey, I still hear you snickering) vary with each restaurant chain or each family recipe…and all of them taste good. Often they sneak a little cocoa or chocolate into it to give it a rich “wow-what-was-that?” flavour. At Lone Star, they start their recipe with a smoky-sweet chipotle, some spices, & some garlic.

When ordering fajitas, I was delighted to discover that I could also order some of their Smoky Cipotle Tequila sauce on the steak even though that sauce wasn’t listed with the fajitas. Also, the tortillas are made fresh and they keep them coming as long as you still have grilled toppings left to put on them.

I ordered it with a combination of grilled steak & grilled chicken (although they also offered grilled shrimp and vegetarian fajitas). The grilled veggies under the meat were very nice, the onions & bell peppers were beautifully carmelized.

I liked that their fresh tortillas were slightly stretchy so that they don’t crack. Of course you still need to pile on the toppings, fold up the bottom and then pull/roll the two sides in. But the tortillas also stick just the right amount to nicely hold everything together.

I can totally see why their servers & menus boast that they’re famous for their fajitas.

Southern Cheesecake

With my friends & I each ordering a different topping, our server offered to bring three small bowls (strawberry, chocolate, & caramel sauces) to drizzle over our cheesecakes. We were indecisive about what would taste best so this was an excellent solution.

The cheesecakes are much different from at other restaurants. They are round, individual desserts that are fluffy yet still thick, baked on a graham cracker crust, and topped with a generous amount of whipped cream.

If you love cheesecake, I recommend trying their version at least once.

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