Nick & Jake's

 6325 Lewis Dr
Kansas City, MO

Not Impressed

This is a typical small town bar there is a restaurant side but it is an afterthought,
We arrived at 8:13PM sat on the restaurant side as I don’t smoke when eating dinner, I consider it rude.
8:18PM 3 employees have passed us and not a word was spoken. I had my order ready and was going to do an appetizer as we were hungry.
8:23PM. NO server yet, the bar side is obviously the money maker as trays of food were headed over there.
8:28PM we got up and left, the hostess told us to have a good night like we ate in 15 minutes, she was brain dead.
I was quite shocked that a bar serves a prime rib for $22. That is over priced for the area and especially a bar. They had a Sirloin special. for $17, are you kdding me first of all this is a BAR/Restaurant mainly BAR. second it’s a SIRLOIN good grief what does it sell for if NOT on special. High prices doesn’t make it taste better..
Horribly dissapointed at the lack of attention in this establishment, it is sad to think that several restaurants around this one have failed due to the patrons taking up all the spaces and going to the bar. If you want good food in the area I recommend Roxanne’s, She doesn’t claim to be a “classy” place yet their food and Service is second to none.
Probably the biggest shocker is the lack of attention of the Hostess not even coming close to realizing we were abandoned.
I give them a 0.
I will return in 2 weeks if it doesn’t improve I will rip the manager a new one THEN walk out. totally worthless.
I think due to Parkville Regs they have to offer a restaurant. Pitiful. to say OH one bad experience, well that’s just me, I am paying for a meal and expect to be served unless I am at McDonalds.

Don’t make excuses that they were busy there were 3 other tables Restaurants and service industry establishments are NOT allowed to make that excuse.
When I do return I will expect the $22 ribeye to be perfect or it goes back, Yes for $22 I expect perfection I am paying for it

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