Abie's & Bimbo's Pizza

 14 N Westmoreland Ave
Greensburg, PA

Great food.... usually

Abie’s and Bimbo’s was originally known for their $3.00 large pizza pie back in the early 80’s. Yes, a whole large plain pie for $3.00! Great pie with thick chewy crust, somewhat sweet and very flavorful sauce, and thick, chewy, salty, mild but bold tasting cheese. Truly an awesome pie. As of late, the prices are no longer what they were, but still competitive. Unfortunately, the wonderful chees of yesterday has been replaced with a less interesting cheese. It’s very good, but not what it used to be.

The sandwiches are a mouthful and generously topped with quality ingredients. A strange twist is that a half sub is actually 2/3’s of a whole sub. Nothing the matter with that! Chewy and flavorful sub rolls which are always fresh.

The giant fish sandwich is the best around and somewhat of an understatement. The fish is hand breaded and mild tasting. In fact it’s the kind of fish that would be enjoyed by someone who didn’t like fish…. it’s that good. Usually, it’s piled so high that three people could make a meal out of it. No joke!

Down sides? There are a few.

The prices have increased somewhat higher than most. When they are busy, expect that they may screw up an order, especially the subs. Sometimes too, the subs are over baked. And every once-in-a-while, the fish is overdone and not piled as high.

Onion rings and french fries.

The french fries are cut with the skin on, deep fried and placed in a paper bag. By the time you get them home, the steam has rendered them soggy. They are soggy every time. Also, I’m not a particularly big fan of skin-on french fries… but that’s just me.

And let’s not forget their “onion rings”…. I think they are onion rings… The only way I can describe them to you is this way. The next time you make pancakes, slice up some onions and dip them in the pancake batter. Now fry them up in a pan. Your result will be very similar to Abie & Bimbo’s onion rings. Really weird and not very tasty… unless you are one of those people who likes onions in their pancakes… I had them twice. The second time, accidentally (I forgot about how they made them). They were soggy both times.

In a nutshell, great food, though somewhat expensive as of late. No skimping on the servings, no skimping on the quality ingredients. Avoid the onion rings and french fries. Order when they are not too busy.

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