Hana Sushi

 6 Belvidere Street
Nazareth, PA

My new favorite place!

Generally when I find a dish I love, it’s never going to be better than the first place I fell in love with it. Well, Hana Sushi has succeeded in turning that table. I love a good spicy kani salad but I felt as if i were tasting it the way it was meant to be and that the first kind I’d had was kinda a false interpretation. Hana Sushi is on Belvidere Street in Nazareth, PA. It’s snuggled in the historic side of an already quaint town. The closest sushi is grocery store sushi about 5 minutes away for the same price. The salmon was like butter and the customer service was even smoother. They were very polite and attentive ON TOP of being friendly. I will be back in a heartbeat. My 9 year old daughter even said their california rolls were the best (trust me that kid’s eaten a lot of california rolls).

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