Lum's Restaurant

 2302 Collins Ave
Miami Beach, FL


My first dining experience at Lums was in 1966. I dined at this restaurant from time to time until it closed. For the most part, I enjoyed the food and the service was good. But there were two incidents worth noting:

1. I went to the Lums on Lincoln Rd. Miami Beach one day for lunch. A friend and his grand mother were there and I was invited to join them. So I ordered an Ollie burger and Grandma ordered a hamburger. The waitress first brought the Ollie burger and gave it to Grandma. I knew it was an Ollie burger so I asked the waitress if it was a hamburger or an Ollie burger. She said it was a hamburger. Grandma picked up the Ollie burger. Before she bit into it, the idiot waitress came back and said it was an Ollie burger. I was fuming at her stupidity. How did she not know the difference between the two. If my friend wasn’t there I would have really told her off but I didn’t. But needless to say, I didn’t leave her a tip.

2. Same Lums restaurant but a different day. I went there in the late afternoon. There were no other customers there. A waitress was being fired because she sat on the floor. As the manager was firing her, all of the other waitresses had gathered around to watch. I was in the manager’s line of sight, but I wasn’t served until he was finished with his discharge procedures. I wasn’t happy that I had to wait, but I have to take partial blame for this. I should have interrupted him and asked for service. I can’t be certain what he would have said, but he saw me walk in, didn’t inform any of the waitresses to serve me, so I would think he would have told me to wait. Had this happened, a real confrontation between him and myself would have ensued, because I absolutely shouldn’t have had to wait for him to finish with the waitress.

Ollie Burger and Hot dog


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