Seoul Garden

 2502 Royal Ln
Dallas, TX

Worst dining experience

Would give no stars if possible. Worst experience ever. Greedy owner and rude wait staff totally missed the point. . We ordered galbi & nangmyn combo, galbi tang and all good except prime galbi was too fatty to eat. We’ve had this type of beef many times at other korean eateries. But this meat was fatty. greedy owner and one nasty wait staff lady, how they handled this situation was the reason for the 1 star. . Bottom line, they had fatty beef they needed to sell so we got it. They didn’t realize we were korean since we were speaking English. In the beginning, had it been left to us to cook the meat we would have noticed as soon as we started cooking it but they brought it out and cooked it for us. When we looked at it closely and notice how fatty it was I mentioned it to the wait person. She ignored me and walked off. Then a young waiter came to flip the meat, we mentioned it to him. He ignored us and left. Then different wait staff would come by to turn the meat. Finally the 1st waitress came by and said marinated meat are a little more fatty than non marinated meat. This was not little fat like marbling which are normal. Anyway, most of the meat were left on grill. The owner could care less. Her focus was not on tentativeness but worried I wouldn’t pay. I asked for the bill and paid before we were finished dining. I paid early to get my point across to them it’s not about the bill but the quality of the beef. Only after I paid, they were so apologetic and said didn’t realize we spoke Korean. I said we were korean but more fluent in English. Owner seemed surprised. She then said had no idea we were korean and to please come back, next time will give us better service. There will never be a next time at this restaurant. Every customer, not just “Koreans” should get same quality of meat and side dishes. We all agreed this was the worst dining experience.

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Myh reviewed Seoul Garden
Myh reviewed Seoul Garden