Ruby's (CLOSED)

 280 Cambridge St
Boston, MA


Kind of pointless to leave a review for a closed business, but here goes. Hopefully the individual mentioned in it will read it and cringe. I lived in Boston some years ago and dined out a lot. The two eateries that I frequented had service counters at the back. You’d walk in, go to the counter, place your order, then seat yourself. When I went to Ruby’s for the first time, I saw a counter at the back with two staff people standing there, went up to them, and said “Good morning.” One of them glared at me, yelled: “SIT DOWN!”, and pointed at a table. I didn’t realize that they were waiters or know that they would come to my table. I stammered an apology (why, I don’t know), tried to explain that it was my first visit and that I was unfamiliar with the place, and this jerk of a waiter continued to act snarky, loud, and rude. Apparently, I had interrupted a private conversation, no doubt about how much he hated his job and people in general. I was eventually served (if you could call it that), didn’t leave a tip, and never went back. In retrospect, I don’t know why I even stayed to eat, I should have just walked out. He probably spit on my food. The next day I spoke with a manager about this rude SOB. Her reaction was less than concerned. No apology, nothing. Could have been the same jerk waiter in drag. Ruby’s didn’t close of course because of my experience, but (insert obscene word here) primadonna waiters like this angry, shrieking drama queen probably didn’t help either.


The food looked normal but was likely spit on. The dish that it was served on was a heavy china plate. I know this because of the sound that it made when the waiter slammed it onto my table.

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