Knossos Gyros & Sis-Kabob

 1439 Potomac Ave
Pittsburgh, PA

Overpriced - Disappointing

Hopefully you don’t have a problem because according to staff they cannot correct any issues without approval from owner Tammy. I ordered a fish sandwich along with gyros for the kids. Delivery was suggested 55 minutes or so but took an hour and twenty minutes. We never had delivery from them before, we always went in.

I opened the bun on my fish sandwich and saw a small, dried up tail dwarfed in the 6" bun. The fish isn’t even a centimeter thick. There was a dash of tarter brushed across part of the bun but no lettuce or tomato. $6.75 for this!!!

I called to express my displeasure and to request to bring it back. I didn’t even ask for them to come back and get it. The woman who answered said there was nothing she could do but to contact the owner. She sort of apologized but completely invalidated it when she said, “I’m sorry but I made 15 of them today and you are the first person to complain.”

I looked at it and could not eat it so I walked the twenty minutes to the restaurant. I entered the completely empty establishment, and waited for someone to come out front. Same lady. I requested to exchange it for another item of equal value and she said there was nothing she could do without talking to the owner. She gave the same useless apology, “I’m sorry but I made 15 of them today and you are the first person to complain” I could get not receiving complaints, most restaurant complaints aren’t reported but I highly doubt they get many repeat buyers for a very expensive dried up fish tail.

I even said to the lady, “I understand it’s not your fault, if the owner doesn’t allow you to correct issues.” She went on to defend the problem which in turn belittled my issue. This is unacceptable.

I used to stop up there almost every time I was by there because I love the gyros.

Salonikas on 6th Street downtown has awesome, authentic Greek food with fair portions and friendly staff who knows how to treat their customers.

Fish sandwich


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