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Le Croissant DORE

 9122 Bolsa Ave
Westminster, CA

As much as I love trying out recommended places, Le Crois...

As much as I love trying out recommended places, Le Croissant Dore is probably not of the best first experiences I’ve had at new restaurants.

I came into the restaurant knowing that there would be reconstruction along the fronts of the entire shop block so that might deter people from coming in. Alas, the restaurant was empty when I stepped in set aside two shop ladies who were sitting and reading the paper. The interior design itself is pretty simple and fitting for a French bakery; the walls covered with art that gives it the appearance of a bakery in France.

Coming in for a meal, they suggested (along with my friend who recommended the place) Bo Kho, or beef stew with a mini baguette. Interesting to note is that they list both Coke and Pepsi on the menu but they only apparently serve Coke since I didn’t get what I ordered. I also have to comment on the ice that they provide in the glass along side the warm can… as soon as I poored in the soda, there was not a speck of fizzyness left and it became 100% flat. So it was a choice between warm Coke and flat Coke… not an easy choice.

Next up was the beef stew. When I saw it come out I because extra hungry. Included is a plate of Beef Stew, a small baguette for dipping, and a small dish for lemon, salt, and pepper. Little did the waitress know (or care) that there were insects all over the lemon and I was pretty grossed out… but instead of complaining, I simply moved it aside and prayed that the at least the beef stew would be free of critters. I suppose the bugs made me lose my appetite because the beef stew only tasted “alright” and did impress me all that much. And then comes the hair that I find in it which normally is a minor detail for me but had compounded with everything else that had happened thus far.

Not a place I will ever come back to.

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