Amherst Chinese Food

 62 Main St
Amherst, MA

Always Delicious

I can’t believe someone based their review of this place on comparison of food they have in Boston. Many of those places aren’t even clean. Maybe he misses Chau Chow City where they put table scraps, yes table scraps in the Sunday dim sum. Who knows what kind of meat you’re eating in that “chicken” dish? And the places where they lock their waitstaff in the restaurant overnight. Yeah the food may be cheaper but someone is definitely paying for your privelege. P.S., people also buy DOG MEAT in Boston. Mmm, Boston.

Anyway, back to Amherst Chinese. This place has been here for decades and I have never had a bad meal here. Seriously just come in and order anything, because it’s going to blow you away. I also always notice other Asians eating here. The broth in their soups is amazing and that says a lot. Their veggies are fresh from their farm, local and organic! Try the spinach dumplings which are green! with spinach in the dough. Ooh, try the sesame chicken. Try the sesame anything!!!

It’s also a very nice place for romantic dinners or to bring the family.

I can’t say enough good things about this place. I feel lucky they’ve always been here. It’s really worth the parking hassle.

*Almost forgot to mention – NO MSG! :D

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