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 151 Rue Bernard W
Montreal Metro Area, QC

Nonya yes!

Excellent indonesian place. I went there with a group of friends sponsored by Menuism. Evelyne had arranged for the Risjttafels to be served in a advance which was a full menu with enough of everything to try out.

The place is not your everyday restaurant, and although this means you’re going to be spending a little more than usual you will find the delicacies more than make up for it.

Most of the dishes are served in a banana leaf. We sampled coconut beef, fish, curry tofu, noodles, rice and more. Our hostess was very careful to warn us that most of the dishes are not spicy and which ones we should watch out for.

Sharing is hard since you’re tempted to take more than your share. Go there with a group of very good friends that won’t give in to just stealing the whole dish. We were all foodies and friends so we wanted everyone to taste everything as much as we did.

Great meal, good service, good for occasions but the place is not really big so keep it down to 10 or 12. Less than that is not as fun though.

BUBUR KETAN HITAM black sticky rice with coconut milk - Risjttafels at Nonya


A full menu that starts with a chicken soup, then several dishes of rice, noodles, coconut beef, curry tofu and fish.

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