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Just eat and shut up :P



 151 Rue Bernard W
Montreal Metro Area, QC

Nonya yes!

Excellent indonesian place. I went there with a group of friends sponsored by Menuism. Evelyne had arranged for the Risjttafels to be served in a advance which was a full menu with enough of everything to try out.

The place is not your everyday restaurant, and although this means you’re going to be spending a little more than usual you will find the delicacies more than make up for it.

Most of the dishes are served in a banana leaf. We sampled coconut beef, fish, curry tofu, noodles, rice and more. Our hostess was very careful to warn us that most of the dishes are not spicy and which ones we should watch out for.

Sharing is hard since you’re tempted to take more than your share. Go there with a group of very good friends that won’t give in to just stealing the whole dish. We were all foodies and friends so we wanted everyone to taste everything as much as we did.

Great meal, good service, good for occasions but the place is not really big so keep it down to 10 or 12. Less than that is not as fun though.

BUBUR KETAN HITAM black sticky rice with coconut milk - Risjttafels at Nonya


A full menu that starts with a chicken soup, then several dishes of rice, noodles, coconut beef, curry tofu and fish.


Tokyo Sushi Bar

 Rue St-Paul W & Rue St-François-Xavier
Montreal Metro Area, QC

Sushi and Sapporo

I’ve been to this venue a few times and keep coming. This is the restaurant in which I started eating sushi after all. The staff is friendly, the service is good and the sushi is excellent.

I’m pretty much a newcomer to sushi though, so you might think different :)

Try the dynamite. It will spawn new converts. Tempura shrimp. Try the quebecoise! A variation on the california roll, cheese and avocado wrapped in salmon skin. Try the kamikaze. Some caviar spices it up. There’s also teriyaki chicken and beef, with a lot more main dishes at night that at lunch.

The wasabi is on the mild side, which suits me fine but other guests have mentioned should be stronger.

Important to note, as most of the restaurants in Old Montreal, the bathrooms are below ground via a thin staircase so it’s not wheelchair friendly.


Rumi Grill & Cafe

 4403 Boulevard St-Laurent
Montreal Metro Area, QC

Anywhere the wind blows

I was in a bohemian mood last night. I found powdered saffron at the Latin-American store in St-Laurent north of Anne-Marie. Then I saw this place. I had heard of Cafe Rumi (actually the name is Rumi Grill and Cafe) from a friend of mine.

Nice decor without being ostentatious, friendly service and good food. I had the kafta dish with fries and rice. I just wished I’d gotten some hummus and pita to accompany it. I had the traditional tea. They left a kettle and I was able to read a book while sipping tea until the kettle was empty. Very nice cozy place that does takeout too.

Recommended whenever you feel like going anywhere the wind blows, fitted my mood yesterday :)


Nicely middle-eastern style cooked meat with rice and/or fries.


Tam Tam d'Afrique

 408 Avenue du Mont-Royal E
Montreal Metro Area, QC

An African Affair... not to repeat

There are times that a new place opens and the right combination of food and service is mixed in the right amount from the start. But this is not one of those times, unfortunately.

Tam Tam’s d’Afrique is a new place that opened close to the Mont-Royal metro. I want to stress that the place had time to prepare and anticipate all problems. In all honesty, they had brought on board what seemed to be their full staff. However disorganization increases exponentially according to the number of disorganized people involved.

Service was terrible. Over two hours wait, close to three for some. Our waiters:

  • they had no idea what dishes had to be brought
  • they had no idea which dishes had already been served
  • they had made no attempt to remember who ordered what
  • whatever notes they took were either useless or not being used

Food was a mixed bag in the best of cases. However for a lot of people it was the bottom of the barrel, and plain inedible for a lot of people surrounding me. My dish was both edible and enjoyable without being exceptional. Portions were small. For the poor quality, they seem overpriced.

We had two people leave the event, completely unhappy.

Bottom line, they’re not ready for business.

That being said… I still think new businesses and specially small ones should be given a chance. Once in a while, you will discover a gem in the rough. That was not the case tonight.


Beef Stew with a peanut sauce, carrot and cabbage served with rice or foufou. I took the rice. Sauce was good, but still it was just peanut sauce. Without it the dish would’ve been dry.

One measly bite of beef, and the rest was carrot and cabbage. I could get a better deal anywhere else.



 5914 Rue Sherbrooke E
Montreal Metro Area, QC


First, you should know Valerie because if you’re nice (and you’d better be or I’m coming for you) she will remember your name.

This is a small cozy place. Bring only your foodie friends here. The place is small but the cooking is great. You will want to sample every dish available and even the appetizers are worth a try.

Also a good place to get something as you’re walking by just to enjoy during a nice sunday walk :)



 1222 Rue Bishop
Montreal Metro Area, QC

An Ethiopian Experience

CheapEthnicEatz has covered this place on her reviews, but I’ll just add mine because this was my event ;)

The place has a large assortment of spicy vegetable and meat stews. There’s a page for chicken, a page for beef, a page for lamb and a page for vegetarian. Do not skip the vegetarian page or you will regret it. Ask your server, he will most probably advise a combo of at least two meats and one vegetarian dish. Do bring at least two or three friends along if you’re planning to sample the food here and please make sure they know you eat with your hands.

Everything you eat you grab with pieces of injera, a large sourdough flatbread made of fermented flour.

Not a place to be missed, definitely a repeat. I’ve gone there three times and always have had a great time :)


M:brgr (Mburger)

 2025 Rue Drummond
Montreal Metro Area, QC

The Pre Show

It’s a good place to get a good burger just before heading out to the clubs or meeting friends at the pub. Classy place, good burgers, well-sized.

Nothing you haven’t seen anywhere else. Well above the traditional burger fare of other places. A nice place to take your date if you’re going dancing later, feeling hungry and want to make an impression.

Bottom line it’s another burger joint but feels, smells and charges like a club.


Cavalli Ristorante Bar

 2042 Rue Peel
Montreal Metro Area, QC

Best place to take your boss from out of town

Okey, so I don’t remember what I ate. I do remember the salad and I think there was some sort of meat in the main course. Seriously, the food was very good. The place has an old style 70s style decor.

The real appeal of this restaurant however is the good looking female staff. My boss has made me promess to take him back there whenever he’s in town again.


La Maison Rustik

 5461 Rue Sherbrooke
Montreal Metro Area, QC

A Romanian Rendezvous

With the weather tending towards the cold… blah, Evelyne used my review for CheapEthnicEatz.

Oh well, new one then. Eastern europe cuisine is known for salty sausages and mixed meats. I went with the garlic snails and the mixed meats dish. The garlic snails should be ordered in a french restaurant, not in a romanian one.

I kept having food-jealousy over the polenta. Not that my lamb chops were not great, but the stew and the schnitzel looked very appetizing.

Service was the lowest point of the evening. Half of our group received their food first and had finished it completely before the other half received their dishes. I understand we were a big group, but that’s why we had a reservation.

On weekends they have a singer… She was a basically a lounge singer, picking songs from every era and culture and getting people to sing. Fun for a while but tiresome at some point. I got to sing in my native spanish for one of them.

BYOB, take a small group and I wouldn’t make it my first choice.

Lamb Chops

Good, decent, not spectacular, not worth traveling across the city for.



 4998 Boul de Maisonneuve O
Westmount, QC

Dinner at Tehran

Last Saturday, we had a lot of fun at Tehran. I’m not ashamed to admit that this is a place I revisit every once in a while. I had my usual, sultani, and I had the soup which is something you should try. The soup is a thick broth with lentils. I always ask what is it called and I always forget afterwards. Some people opted for the salad, which I heard it was good too. The place is known for cooking the meat just so that it’s soft and well-flavored. We also got to try the complimentary Chai tea. A few of us went for the baklava for dessert, not included in the meal. It was delicious.

The locale is good. There was a little noise level, as this is a typical Iranian hangout and we had a family with kids on the next table. However they didn’t stay long. We took over the back and had a long table made for ourselves. There is no alcohol served or allowed, which I knew in advance and didn’t mind too much. They also don’t serve coffee which is a bit of a letdown. The complimentary tea makes up for it somewhat.

The prices were decent, a bit higher than the review that was posted but that I took from a website who probably wrote a few years back. I believe the regular bill come up to 20 for only the meal before taxes and tip. More if you added any drinks or had dessert.

I believe a great time was had by all. Almost perfect attendance this time too. Thank you everyone for coming!


Iranian style cooked meat that melts off the fork, with sausage in the same style and saffron rice.

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