Area Code 55

 16375 Biscayne Blvd
North Miami Beach, FL

Save your money

This Brazillian steak restaurant has been in North Miami for a few years now but still lacks the ability to provide good quality food and the service isn’t much better. They serve filet mignon wrapped in beacon….NOT. It looks and tastes like top sirloin (false advertising). The beef ribs are always cooked tuff and they still don’t know how to cook bananas the way it’s done in Brazil. Their waiters, mostly, do not understand the food they serve but at least they try. During my last experience inside this restaurant, I was speaking with the waiter to be certain my drink did not contain simple syrup and as we had finished talking, the manager (tall brunette) jumped into our private conversation to claim they “never” used simple syrup. I had to explain that I watched simple syrup being used two months ago and she began to argue with me until I asked her to go away. I later requested a double espresso with cream. After about 10 minutes of trying to drink this cafe, I asked for another stating it was still too hot and the flavor had been cooked out. The same manager returned to argue with me how it’s impossible to burn the cafe (coffee). When I attempted to explain that coffee loses it’s flavor when heated too much, she continued to argue so I asked her to leave and have the owner speak with me. The owner never came to my table but I located him on the way out. When I began to speak with him about the manager’s actions, the owner said “who complains about coffee?” and then he ordered me to get out of his restaurant. I will never return to this restaurant and I will tell many people this story in the hope they choose not to go. The best Brazillian Steak House in Miami is located in SOBE. Choose anyone else but Area Code 55. They charge less but it’s still not worth the savings.


Poor quality

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