Mama Luna's Restaurant

 5109 W Fullerton Ave
Chicago, IL

Mama Luna's Restaurant in Chicago, IL

The manager “Nellie”, we were told, claimed that a past order was made and not accepted. They claim they tried to call and the number is blocked. I explained why but the girl on the phone accused my family of “playing games” with them using phones! Well, my question is why didn’t they call the number that was used to make the order and get the name of the caller?What if they made an error and called a wrong number. Lord knows, they have gone to the wrong address before! No one here says an order was ever cancelled from Mama Luna’s! Everyone here is educated and grown. No one here has time to to waste playing childish games on the phone. Only adults call and pay for orders here. Seriously?

Sometimes our orders from Mama Luna’s have problems- food/drinks are missing, orders are wrong, the driver sometimes goes to the wrong address and claims to have been at my door but had never shown then has to return, most times the food is barely warm when delivered). People hard;y deliver today, so we are grateful. Grateful, mind you, not stupid. I have even told Mama Luna’s to just forget it when their errors were minor. And, hey, nobody is perfect. We do not try to be difficult and always tip…the delivery people are VERY friendly. Also, when orders are taken by the only older guy who answers the phone; the prices are always come out much higher…go figure? Also, getting the price of items before ordering can be like pulling chicken teeth!

I tried to explain about the phone block, but got nowhere! Also, I can’t believe there is only ONE manager? When she leaves, no one is there to manage? Ridiculous! I admit I lost it-after trying to explain repeatedly! Nothing like this has EVER happened before and I don’t expect it to EVER happen again! I would like to continue business with them; but that all depends on tomorrow’s call to the manager! I understand a business needs to protect its interests; but, sometimes all it takes is some CRM (cutomer relations management) and staff training. Obviously, staff needs to learn how to use tact when dealing with customers and not treat everyone as if they are blazing idiots or shysters. They certainly have no problem taking our money…they should be more discretionary and utilize phone etiquette.

My ADDRESS is blocked not the phones! It doesn’t matter what number is used! They won’t deliver to the address! Again, I will be calling the manager tomorrow and trying to rectify this issue. Right now I am STEAMING! I will try to remain calm tomorrow. I think blackballing addresses for unfounded reasons is just bad business! I don’t blackball them for the often RUDE people answering their phones and their messed up orders! People cancel orders; that part of being in business. II am trying very hard to think this is a misunderstanding but its not sinking in just yet!

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