Havana Road Cuban Cafe

 8 West Pennsylvania Avenue
Towson, MD

The perfect Blind Date Restaurant.

So I got this call, a woman that I know, yackin about I woman I didn’t know. ‘Ok, so, set us up!’ Twenty minutes, a call back, with a phone number. I say, ’Let’s meet for dinner! You like Cuban?’ I thought that she was going to think that I was trying to impress her with my culinary worldliness. Imagine my surprise when I heard ‘Cuban! My Fave!’
So the next night, Saturday, we met at Havana Road Cuban Cafe in Towson, A cozy place, lots to look at, people who know their food, eager to please. Great dinner, great Cuban Flan and Cuban Coffee for dessert. My face hurt from smiling.
We came back for brunch the next Morning!

Lechon Asado

I do eat meat. There, I confess. Fortunately for my partner, they also serve vegetarian and vegan dishes. Mine is a slow roasted pork, braised in white wine and spices,served with sides of black beans, rice and sweet plantains. Just enough, just right.

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