Gianna's Pizza

 1519 E. 87th St.
Chicago, IL


Me and my family order food from them very very often and I usually don’t have any problems, but tonight for some reason the staff had attitude problems and bad customer service. I ordered delivery and they forgot to delivery my drink. I called the store to let them know and because of the bad weather, they didn’t want the delivery driver to come back outside. Instead of them APOLOGIZING and giving us a free appetizer or something to make up from them forgetting part of my order, they said that the will give us our pop “next time”. SMH. I have worked in the restaurant business since I was younger and in order to keep customers, we did our best to right our wrongs. Im not mad that we are missing our pop, I’m more upset because the cashier and the manager DID NOT CARE and they had an attitude with me when I called them. I will not be ordering from them again nor will my family, neighbors, friends, or anyone I know that stay in the area. Thanks

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