Kabul Kabob House Restaurant

 4251 Main St
Flushing, NY

Bad experience

I would like share my unfortunate experience at this restaurant and hence the reason for the review. I have been visiting New York for about 8 to 10 years now and visit about twice a year on business. I usually stay at a hotel in Flushing. I have been visiting Kabul Kebab House each time and usually order take away food for one person almost daily for the one week that I stay in NY.

Recently I realised that my take away food did not have the side dish of vegetable salad which i realised after coming back to the hotel. (It has always been part of the take away package and had never been missed before in the 8-10 years that I had been there). So i called the restaurant back and enquired if the their menu policy had changed. However the person who packed my food (who later on claimed to be the owner and happened to be in the dispatch/kitchen area that evening) was very abrupt and did not want to listen to me and told me “Alright I am very busy and you were supposed to get the side dish” and hung up on me. Now, I was not really upset that i did not get the side dish but was upset more so by the response I had received.

I however accepted that he made a mistake and decided not to take it on. I went back this evening to order a single meal and met the same person (owner) in the grill section in the front. Since I am a visitor from another country I had a few quarters that I requested the “owner”, if I could get off of me as I was leaving the country soon. However he got annoyed and said that he was too busy to count quarters and more or less implied that there was no way it would happen and that I had to forego my meal. Now I am not sure if some one can refuse a customer just because they don’t want to count a few quarters. He then brought up the previous encounter which he remembered, about the side dish and suggested that I implied that he was dishonest. However as I stated before I was annoyed by the lack of concern to discuss a problem with a customer and not because I felt cheated.

He then suggested that he would offer the order (which worked out to USD 14.70) for 10 dollars but he didn’t want to count the quarters. Now, in my opinion no self respecting person would want to feel they they should not let an opportunity to pass by, and pay less for a meal. I am sure many of you would feel the same way too. I told him that I did not want to buy his food following this encounter and left and decided for the first time in the 8 to 10 years that I had been visiting here, will not go back ever again. All because of one person (who I met there for the first time) and has no regard for customer service. I am quite convinced that I was reasonable in my expectations and discussion with him and firmly believe that he would not spare a chance to to “let it fly” at some other customer at the slightest misunderstanding.

This review does take away from the fact that the food is good and the other employees in the restaurant are polite and reasonable.

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