700 Bloomfield Ave.
Montclair, NJ


We dined here for a girls get together. Loved the look! It felt like we were in someone kitchen. They offer several versions of eggs benedict which we all ordered. For starters the waitress had a problem understanding we needed coffee AND spoons AND sugar AND milk at the same time. It was a 30 minute process with her bringing each thing individually. I ordered a scone which I think came from England on a slow boat last month. When our dishes arrived all of the poached eggs were cooked solid like boiled eggs. I don’t know if they were poached in advance and sat around cooking but we had to send them back. Once the problem was corrected they were fine. I’ve heard great reviews from others so I will give them a 2nd chance… eventually.

Eggs Benedict

The egg yolks were poached solid and had to be sent back. Once it was corrected they were fine.


It was Stale.

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