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Olive Garden

 2048 Woodbury Ave
Newington, NH

They know how fix problems

I went to get salad and a steak. I order the Tuscon Steak, medium rare. When I got it, it was well-done. Not wanting to wait to get another one. I ate it.

But the waitress notice it wasn’t rare and ask me if she could get me another. I didn’t want to wait so I said no thanks. But still the waitress got the kitchen manager and he came over. I explain I had already started eating my steak. But he want me to have it my steak, so he got me another one to take home. I was very pleased. Then I got even a bigger surprise. When they brought me my check the steak was taken off and he gave me another steak with all the fixings, potatoes, salad and breadsticks.

This is a restaurant that really cares about their customers.

Steak Toscano - Steak Toscano at Olive Garden

Steak Toscano

The first one was over cooked but the second one was perfect.

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