Via Quadronno

 199 Main St
White Plains, NY

How Could You Forget The Salt?

I have now eaten at Via Quadronna twice. The first time was opening night, and although the food was not “fantastic” I figured the place still had some glitches to work out. So a few months later I ventured back. After attempt numero due I have made it quite clear to my better half that we will never dine there again…..and for one simple reason; my pasta was not salted. I should clarify that it was quite apparent that the pasta had been boiled in unsalted water. The restaurant is pretty enough, and the idea of it is rather appealing, but the food is crap, the service is annoying and the food is crap; oh had I already said that?

My advice is if you are dragged, gun to your head, and forced to order, then order one of the antipasto specials, preferably a salad…..salads are usually hard to fuck up.

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