Topper's Pizza

 120 S Halsted
Chicago, IL

Are YOU kidding me !! Yummmmm

Insanely nice staff, weekly pizza specials … Oh yea that PIZZA!!!!! THE TOPPINGS AND DIPS that always sounded good but never was really done… They don’t leave you hanging with a bunch o crazy toppings on the menu, that’s where the other " we have tons of toppings pizza places" failed miserably. THEY HELP YOU, they have their speciality pizzas everything from pizza gleaming with twice baked red skinned potatoes with sour cream to the " hangover helper" with meaty meat meat and salty salt salt and they all have their ins and outs yums and oh yeas as they have been constructed. But Toppers also let’s you bastardize their delicious speciality pizzas taking from the favorites from your favorites and making agghhhhhhhh THE BEST PIZZA . Then you are allowed dips… ( yea angels I know … ) blue cheese, sour cream, salsa … Etc etc so that you might envelop your pizza in complete love. oh opened until 300 am every night and they will pick up the phone and cheerfully make you heaven in a box even if your call comes I’m at 2:59 am. I have personally tested the happy to help 300 pizza order 12 times from 2 stores, consistently wonderful friendly accommodating staff. .
They always have coupons, deals, specials, Just try it, you might need a sponsor later … However…

Potato Topper

My all time pig squeal favorite, smeared with sour cream… Oink

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