LA Pupusa Loca

 10112 Hammerly Blvd
Houston, TX

This place sucks

This was my first time and last time ordering & going here.

I called and placed an order to go, they took my order (8 pupusas) & they hung up on me. I went in to pick up my order, asked me what name it was under & I told them nobody asked for my name, they just hung up on me, the waitresses looked at each other and laughed. I waited 5 minutes, they handed me my order and I headed home. I opened my containers and only 7 pupusas were given to me. I called them, they said to call them back in 5 minutes because they needed to talk to the kitchen cooks. I called back after a couple minutes, they said I needed to talk to the cook & when she answered the phone, I told her that I was missing 1 pupusa. She was such a bitch & raised her voice at me saying “no you’re not because I gave you 8, 4 in each container so what do you want?” I told her “I’m missing 1 pupusa, there’s only 7, I just got home and opened the container” she proceeded to yell, and tell me that it wasn’t possible for me to be missing one pupusa and that she wasn’t going to give me one more because she was certain she gave me 8. I told her I paid for 8 and only got 7 & if she couldn’t give me what I paid for I’d call my bank and dispute the transaction because they weren’t providing me with the goods I paid for, and my kids were waiting because we were missing food. She lowered her voice and said “yeah well that’s very strange because I know that I gave you your complete order but I guess if you must have another one I can make it”. Completely rude, with no sense of manners or communication skills. The place is small and dirty, they don’t use gloves to cook, and to top it off they don’t care about losing business or gaining potential customers. Disgusting excuse for a restaurant and disgusting excuse for hospitable staff.



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