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PullDeals.com is a new ecommerce site that uses visual shopping as a way to navigate products across eBay. PullDeals uses thumbnail photos as a focal point by utilizing the full space on the screen to display hi-res product photos. The site provides a streamlined and visual way to access products on eBay, making purchase decisions simpler and more intuitive. With PullDeals.com, users can now avoid the clutter of eBay, and find a desired product instantly via a natural, visual layout. PullDeal…



Navigating PullDeals.com is both straight-forward and user-friendly. Users simply enter what they are looking for (collectibles, art, DVD’s, music, jewelry, sporting goods, and more), then scroll through hundreds of thumbnails to quickly and efficiently find the product they are looking for. Alternatively, users can navigate the site via browsing categories. PullDeals provides a slimmed down search approach, making it easier than ever for consumers to find the exact product they want, right a…

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