Thai Spice

 1745 Centre St
West Roxbury, MA

Revised May 25 review: from great (11/12) to garbage (7/13)

Until November 2012, Thai Spice was run by a great chef, Maria Sornpukdi; it was a take-out place with the most imaginative, perfectly prepared, most generously apportioned Thai food in Boston. It was under-staffed so wait times could be long, as Ms. Sornpukdi insisted upon freshness. After years, the task proved too much for her, and the place was sold and remodeled, opening in January 2013. The new Thai Spice was generic-looking, and for weeks, only awful “value meals” from metal warming trays were available. Ms. Sornpukdi stayed for a while as head chef to teach her recipes to the new staff (one remained from before). But the final menu is reduced by 60-70%, with many of the best things gone; the new owner is a yuppie only concerned with the bottom line, not cuisine. Health problems made Ms. Sornpukdi leave. Forward to July 2013: to cut corners, by their own admission (!!!) the food is now inedible: vegetables, sauces gone. Horrible! No one would want this slop. Why do owners do these things? Just raise the prices a little. If you turn a good product into junk, no one will ever return—certainly not us. We used to look forward to Thai Spice and even pretty recently. But now, we did what we never thought possible: we threw out most of what we ordered. AVOID! The stupid new owner should shut down: having destroyed their reputation, they’ll die in a less dignified way anyhow. Very sad and frustrating!

Basil Pad Thai

Used to be amazing, with a huge array of incredible vegetables and flavors, perfect timing. Now (7/13), stuck together mess, no taste, no vegetables, no asauce, no…nothing. Into the trash!

Brown Rice

Used to be brilliant, combing some sticky rice. Now (7/13), ordinary.

Garlic Broccoli & Tofu

Used to be complex and wonderful. Now, salty, canned-tasting thin horrible sauce, little of anything. Into the trash!

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