Manatus Restaurant

 340 Bleecker St
New York, NY


I been there so many times in the past and I used to love this place, which is right in the heart of the west village, but last night OMG, I know it was Sunday night but anyways at soon as we get there ( me and my friend) the waiter seems like he had the worse day of his life, all himself was a mess, his t-shirt dirty and his breath nasty, well we ordered, never had any bread, we asked for a glass of wine and he brought a skinny and very small glass of pinot grigio, well it was fine but at soon as I saw the wine list I almost had a hearth attack, the price for a 4oz glass of house pinot was $ 10.75, yes it was house wine, well he brought the appetizer buffalo wings, 6 of them, no celery, no carrots, just lettuce, well by then I was getting a little annoyed for the situation, the place was almost empty so all the staff was hanging out by the bar with the fat manager, my friend ordered a chicken wrap, it was fine but a bit before I asked this waiter which one is better, the San Francisco Chicken or the Manatus Chicken, because I love mushrooms, so he said, the Manatus one is delicious and you should order that one, well by the time my chicken came my friend finished his wrap but I took it anyways, the food was terrible, never in my life I had something like that, no taste, no flavor, the chicken dish was absolutely horrendous, I didn’t wanna make a big deal out of that so we asked for the check and the waiter asked me how was the dish and if I wanted to take it home, I said no thanks this chicken was horrible and I don;t even wanna remember this ever again, he just laugh and he brought the check, this joke was $73.77, we never had any water refill or anything, then the guy was gone for so long so we pay the check ourselfs leaving 22% tip, I know many people will say " why you didnt complained to the manager or anything" the truth is we were so dissapointed for the whole experience so we promise in front of the manager WE NEVER WILL COME BACK to this horrendous place, I wish some day someone will take over and fix all this crappy restaurant which was one of my favorites.

Chicken Manatus

The most horrendous dish I ever tasted!!!

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