Meson Espanol

 5700 Kennedy Blvd
West New York, NJ


I have written several comments about this disgusting restaurant and their paella with small cockroaches. it is outrageous, strange and just plain disgusting how they could give themselves a rating of 3.7 out of 4. It just shows you that they manipulate their own ratings. Anyhow people, stay away from this restaurant. Cook at home if you dont want to eat small cockroaches with the rice in the paella. This is terrible. I made the complaint with the health department. Hopefully they will inspect this place, but even then I doubt they will correct their mistake. Whenever these places get an inspection they always tend to put the best show. After the inspection they go back to their same routine. Hopefully the state health department will not announce their inspection and catch them in the act. Stay away from this place. Cook at home. I brought my family a while back and we ordered paella with lobster. We did not finish the food and I remember seeing small black things in my rice in that dim light of theirs. I was putting them aside on my plate. It was horrible. After we took the food home and after looking more closely we noticed that these small black things were small cockroaches. We threw up. We complained to that man who is always standing by the door in a suit and he did not even say he was sorry. If you are hungry you are better off grabbing something to eat at a fast food restaurant instead of eating in these dirty restaurants. Cook at home is the lesson here for everybody.

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