Pickles Indian Cuisine

 11688 South St
Artesia, CA

Worst Service - No respect to Customers

I have been in U.S since 7 years and I never experienced such a bad hospitality in any of the U.S restuarants. This is the most bad resturant for hospitality. Here is what happened to me when I visited Pickles for brunch today (i.e., 2/1/2014). I went to this resturant at around 11:30 a.m. on saturday. I was very hungry. I went there and sat on one seat. Server came and gave me the menu. He didnot turn up until 10minutes, so I called him and ordered “Uttapam” and Tea, I told him to serve me tea after uttapam. Without warning me that uttapam will take 30 minutes to prepare he went inside and gave the order. I was in the impression that I will get uttapam in 5 or 10 mintues. After 5 min, he came and served me tea. I told him I cannot have it until I finish uttapam. He took that inside. I waited for uttapam for 15 mintues, and meanwhile I realised that the buffet for lunch has started. Since, I did not get my uttapam and I was very hungry, I told the server to cancel uttapam and I am going to take the buffet. He went inside and came bask after few minutes and told me that uttapam is on grill. But, I told him to cancel the uttapam since I am having lunch. He did not say anything and I continued with my lunch. After some time he bought Uttapam. I was shocked to see Uttapam on my seat. He dint even waited for me before putting uttapam on my table. He put uttapam and left. When I see uttapam on my table, I got shocked. I called the server and asked him why he put it when I already cancelled it. Then he started telling me that once any item is on grill we cannot cancel it. When I asked him why you dint tell me that when I asked him to cancel it. Now, when I started my lunch you are asking me to take both. When I started talking to this server, that time the owner of the resturant Mr.Nageshware Rao heard our conversation and he started arguring with me. He started telling me that you ordered it and when it is on grill you have to take it, there is no other way. When I told him that your server has not informed me that I have to accept the order when it is on the grill. He was not in a position to listen to me at all. When I told him that I am going to give a review on it. He got angry and asked me whether I am threatening him. I said yes I am threatening because you did not properly communicated me about the order. Then he raised his pitch and told me “I dont care about your damn review, go and do whatever you want”. I got surprised and shocked to hear that. I mean in India there is a saying “Atiti Devo Bava” meaning “Guest is like God”. Here, I am seeing a person who is the owner of the restuarant and when I went there as paying guest, he humiliated me with such an arroagance, I decided never to go this place in my entire life again. Finally, I end up paying for both uttapam and lunch buffet. I mean we go to restuarants to have some peace of mind, but here I am seeing a restuarant that gives you more stress than peace.

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