Pizza Hut

 1508 York Rd
Lutherville, MD

This Pizza Hut is not for Vegetarians

I went there with my wife and daughter as usual being a regular cutomers me and my wife did go their ofter. Here is what happened recently the waitress acted like she was listening while taking our order when she wasnt. She took order for vegetarian pizza and then to start with we also ordered salad. Upon requesting her to makesure she uses clean cutter for our pizza she responded to us by saying yes but your pizza will be prepared in the same area/place/utensils where meat pizza’s are prepared. She scared us. I never had such an experiece before. We also ordered salad and after eating half of the Salad my wife told me to stop and there were bacon bits init. I was so angry it was unbelievable. We left this place and never looked back. I emailed pizza hut and no response from them. They are extremely rude and the service sucks big time. Specially for vegetarians please remember this is not the place you want to go. Anyway waitress was not consious of what she was serving. However not going back to this place and have a big family so will make sure all my family knows that this place is not for Vegetarians.


always check for bacon bits they wont advise you that it has any meat in it

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Razvi reviewed Pizza Hut
Razvi reviewed Pizza Hut