North Fork Public House

 2805 Shadow View Drive
Eugene, OR

Too expensive for what you get unless you want...

I got the Jambalaya. It was ok to good, but only 4 prawns for $19 and $7 beer. If you want to be in a “trendy” place with a lot of sports TV’s and pay for that, then pay the $$. What I got tasted good, but was over priced for the amount I got. Plus, the small streets, parking, and location is ridiculous.


Tasted good but only 4 prawns.


Casablanca Coffee and Grill

 686 Union Ave
Grants Pass, OR

Great lunch

Had a good lunch. Eat in is a little rough. Kind of an inside patio feeling. But, still great food. Maybe it could come down a dollar or two on the price. I think they are charging for the “organic” feel.


Casa Amiga

 200 Mcdonald Ln
Grants Pass, OR

Great food, service, and atmosphere

The food was good and fast at a good price.


Small corn tortillas topped with your choice of meat with cabbage and Mexican cheese. You get 5 for $7. Or more for more money. 5 was good for me. Also, they have tortilla chips with great homemade salsa and you get three different kinds of salsa with beans and cheese.


The Downward Dog pub and grub

 130 SW 1st St
Corvallis, OR

Good food and atmosphere - but service not great

Everything was good, but there was only server in the pub and one in the kitchen. So ordering took awhile, we got someone else s order, and the bar guy did not communicate very well throughout. But atmosphere, drinks, and food was good. I told the guy 5 times to put the guacamole on the side, but was never sure if he got it. He didn’t. It was not on the side.

Chicken Fajita Sandwich

It was great, except I said 5 times – seriously 5 times – to get the guacamole on the side. It wasn’t. My girl friend doesn’t like it, but I do, so we ask for it on the side and it was on it. Otherwise really good special.


Royal Barge Noodle House

 1330 Redwood Ave
Grants Pass, OR

OK food, but over priced

The food I had wasn’t great. It was OK. Tasted about as good as Asian food at the mall. But it was too expensive for what I got.

Chicken and Noodle dish

Small for price. Mostly noodles, little chicken.


The Laughing Clam

 121 Sw G St
Grants Pass, OR

Great Place

Great service, food, drinks, and atmosphere.

Salmon Taco's

Very good.


J D's Sports Pub & Deli

 690 Redwood Highway
Grants Pass, OR

Ambush by power hungry "door man" destroys mood

On the way home from the Jackson County Fair where my daughter had just sold her steer, I thought (it was about 9:30 PM) I would stop in for a beer and maybe something to eat. I wanted to check out the atmosphere at JD’s Sports Pub. It was very impulsive and I thought it I liked it they could have had a new customer, but…

As I walked in the nearly vacant establishment (9:30 on a Saturday?!?!) an elderly gentleman, wearing a flannel shirt and a fedora type hat, sitting in a both eating soup suddenly said, "Hey, show me your I.D. " I asked him why and if he worked there. He stood up and said, “Give it to me or we can take this to the parking lot!” I was caught off guard. I said, “I will show it to the bartender.” He said, “Common then asshole,” and grabbed my arm and started pulling me to the bar. I told the bar tender I was sorry, but I didn’t know if he worked there. The bartender apologized, said he should not have grabbed me, agreed that they should have him wear a tee-shirt or hat with the JD’s logo or something that would help identify him as an employee, and that his personality is one that will never ask politely because he has always been that way. I though all was good and felt like it was an apology, so I decided to not walk and buy a beer. The bartender said, “Not today. Maybe next time.” I said there will not be a next time now. As I left, the “doorman” was talking to a friend and they mocked me. I went from feeling happy and friendly when I walked in the door to upset, embarrassed, angry, and confused as I walked out.

I have only heard negative things about JD’s, but I like to try for things at least once myself. I guess I see why there were only 4 people in there on a Saturday at 9:30 PM.


I think they should try it.


Little Caesars

 1616 Williams Hwy
Grants Pass, OR

All the employees look like meth addicts

And they ALL SMOKE out side the front door on there breaks. Is it a requirement that everyone there must smoke?
But, for $5, the pizza is a great deal and I like that it only takes :20 sec to get it and go. Hot and ready!


Abby's Legendary Pizza

 1560 Williams Hwy
Grants Pass, OR

Good food, but expensive pizza.

I would like Abby’s a lot more if the prices came down. Good service and food, but pizza is over priced for what you get.


Quiznos Sub

 1632 Williams Hwy
Grants Pass, OR

Closed early?

The employees were packed up and ready to go home, but they were not supposed to close for 25 more min. The “open” sign was even off and chairs up. “Are you open?” The teen employee was shaking the entry door rugs and taking them in. He said “yes.” I ask why the sign was turned off. He said it was broken. (It was working fine the next day) I asked if I could get a sandwich and the other employee, a teen girl, acted as if it was an inconvenience and started getting food back out that had been stored away. I decided to leave. Her attitude was like I was a problem, so I decided to vote with my $$’s and leave and not return ever again to “bother them.”

I went by the next day and asked the manager if the sign had been fixed (it was working fine now). she said it was never broke. I told her about my experience the night before, and she said she would deal with it.

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