Andiamo Italian Bistro

 14425 Lakeside Cir
Sterling Heights, MI

Not happy.

Nine people here tonight for two birthdays. The waitress told us the specials and I asked how much the prime rib was. The waitress was probably 10 feet away from me, at the far end of the table and she replied 18 to 20. I thought $18 for queen cut, and $20 for king cut…on a special. I was looking for a meal around 21-22$ so I ordered the prime rib. When I got the bill, the prime was $44.95. She told me it was 18 to 20 ounces of meat, not the price and could do nothing about it, so I talked to the manager. I told him I wasn’t happy about this and he responded that all their steaks were between 30 and 50 dollars. I responded that I would never ordered a meal at that price (the most expensive meal I have ever ordered). He responded that the service was good. I could see I was leaving Andiamos as an unhappy customer. I felt duped and humiliated. The bald managers responses only made me to feel even more humiliated. By the way, I left the waitress a $22.00 tip on a $110 bill for the three people on my tab.
Sorry, but this event will cause me to not come back. The manager did absolutely nothing to make me feel like a valued customer or having me leave as a satisfied customer. My idea to bring a table of 9 there tonight, never again.

Prime Rib

Most expensive entree I have ever ordered. I feel I was duped into ordering it.

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