Jimmy John's

 285 W Campbell Rd
Richardson, TX

Horrible experience

Avoid this store like the plague. The service here is horrible. Placed a web order for pickup, got home and they messed up the order. This was the first time I visited this store, and only because I was in the area. There was about a third the amount of meat that there should have been on the sub (I am a frequent flyer for this particular sub at my normal JJ in Irving), plus they left off all the toppings! I called to see if I could get a refund because the sub was so pathetic and they refused my request. Insisted instead that I take my 7 year old vomiting son back out, drive 20 miles back to this particular JJ store so they could remake my sub. Yeah, right. Will NEVER order from this store again and will post this experience everywhere. Management obviously doesn’t care about — and has no trouble ripping off and shorting — customers.

#15 Club Tuna

They shorted this sub so badly that the tuna barely covered half the length of the sub – spread out. Left off almost all the toppings I ordered. Sent only tuna and cucumber.

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