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Carl's Steak Subs

 55 Prospect St
Waltham, MA

One of the brothers...

Visited this spot today…and while the place is tiny, the food it not.

I did another review on Carl’s Brother’s place in Acton, MA called T.C.Lando’s:

…there is another brother in Leominster with a place called Tory’s, but haven’t been to that one.

…and if I had to give the edge one way or the other, it would be with T.C.’s.

However, if you’ve had the Steak N Cheese at one of these places, you’ve had one at the other. Really loaded Steak Sub, with soft, fresh bread…and any fixings you’re heart desires. Well…your mouth desires…your heart might object to some of their meaty-cheesy subs!

Carl’s does not have pizza like T.C.‘s does…but they do have Burritos. (Which I think T.C. is planning on doing if they haven’t already).

If you’re anywhere near the Waltham area…hit it up and give it a go. I’ve met few who didn’t care for their subs…

…most people would beat up those that didn’t.

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Wow, thanks for all the awesome reviews! You’re representing your part of the country really well! :)

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