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I’m really a big fan of trying new things. I especially love ethnic foods and would like to try out more fusion restaurants. I spend most of my time cooking at home thanks to living on a students budget


Banzai Sushi

 23508 Calabasas Rd
Calabasas, CA
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I have had a lot of sushi in my time. A lot of...

I have had a lot of sushi in my time. A lot of really fantastic sushi even. But this. Place blew the others away. The staff was very friendly and welcoming. It is definitely the kind of place you could be a local at. While they have many tables, they were mostly empty when I went but the sushi bar was packed!! The bar is a bit tucked away (it is in the littles street across from Sagebrush) but the fish is so fresh and the food is so fantastic it is no wonder how just about everyone who walks through the door turns into a loyal regular immediately.

I just wanted something different on my way home from work so stopped by to pick up take out but now I know this will be a regular ordeal! Each of the three rolls we got tasted unique and completely amazing. I went off of staff recommendations and they were very helpful. The atmosphere was also nice and clean. Great for date night! Valet parking with even a very friendly staff in the lot!

Warning: Saturday there is a farmers market that makes the restaurant even harder to find!

I will definitely be taking my friends and family here.

The 3 rolls we had were the manhattan, the B-51 and the albacore… I know those names aren’t perfect but they were all specialty rolls and all beautiful. Looking at how fresh the avocado and albacore were on top, you knew immediately that you were in for something special. They packed all the sauces on the side to go so everything was fresh when I got home.

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