Dena House

 42 S De Lacey Ave
Pasadena, CA

Give me more!!

How does a stroll through Old Town Pasadena turn into an experience sublime??!!

I went here on a whim—I noticed it was a new place and they were having their grand opening which I found to be exciting. It looked classy, casual, and undeniably cool with the DJ, and the infinite bar.But these are just the aesthetics. If I go to a restaurant, I want good food, right? Well…oh man, did I get it. They have a sushi menu that will blow you away. I’m no sushi chef, but I know my sushi and I know what I like, and this was IT! SUPREME ROLLS! My date ordered the dena roll; I ordered the spider and the fuji. Both were phenomenal. But, truly, their whole menu was rockin’ . We came in a big group so we got the chance to try a whole lot. None of it was any less than outstanding. Their humongous chicken salad, their cheese tortellini, and especially their fitness menu. Which for me (It’s no secret, I’m a hefty eater) is a big surprise. It was all great.

As for dessert, if you’re going to order anything GET THE LAVA CAKE!!!! It is to die for. My table ordered three and still wanted another.

I definitely plan on going back again soon and I recommend it to anyone who will be stopping by Pasadena

Dena Rolls!


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