2503 Artesia Blvd
Redondo Beach, CA

Casablanca in Color

If ever I get into trouble soooo deep that an Edible Arrangement could not get me out of it (that’s pretty damned DEEP) Delicieuse will be my last line of defense before I completely abandon all hope. Because if this incredibly cozy and charming little wonderland cannot dig me out of that hole, then, nothing can.

From outside, the place looks like a simple ice cream shop with a few tables and chairs, a freezer with various ice cream flavors on display, typical right?


Because once you get past the front door and beyond the “Ice cream parlor” there is a big blue gate and beyond that gate is what I can only describe as “What Casablanca must have looked like in Color”
Every table is an intimate setting for various numbers of people.
They are arranged as if they were meant to provide intimacy and make the diners feel as if no one else is around them so that they can feel free to enjoy each other’s company without disturbing or being disturbed by neighboring tables. This is one of the reasons why I would HIGHLY recommend Delicieuse if you ever want to take your significant other or lover out for a truly intimate dining experience.

So the ambience is GREAT, but how is the food?
Even BETTER. We had already had lunch prior to visiting Delicieuse and just wanted to try the ice cream for dessert, but the Formule menu looked so irresistible that we just had to try something!

On this initial visit, we opted for Formule 3 which consisted of:
A very refreshing salad consisting of mixed greens, arugula, dandelion greens, chard, cherry tomatoes on little cucumber slices etc etc topped with the house dressing (a zesty sweet vinaigrette). All of the vegetables were very very fresh, crisp and very flavorful. The Chef/Owner, Patricia informed us that she hand picks ALL of the ingredients that she uses and that almost everything they serve is home made, hand selected and personally tested by her.

The Croq Monsieur – Classic French ham and cheese sandwich. Virginia ham, bechamel sauce, mustard, on toasted white bread topped with melted gruyere cheese. Pardon my French, but after taking a bite out of this hot, toasty savory sweet creation, I could’nt help but blurt out “this is about the best #!! Ham and Cheese sandwich that I have EVER had.” Yeah, it was THAT Good.

- a Choice of one of their Artisanale Ice cream/sorbets. After allowing us to sample all of the flavors that we were interested in (Mango Magnifique, (they were out of lavander, bah!), Goat’s Milk Chocolate, Fleur de Chevre(Goat’s milk Vanilla), Strawberry Basil, Lemon Basil, Chevre au Bois (Goat’s Milk Maple) Do not let the names intimidate you, try them before you pass judgement, and I guarantee that you will be as impressed as I was. My philosophy is, “If it scares you, eat it!” (I must have been scared a lot as a kid)
We opted for the Goat’s milk Vanilla as we felt that it would pair best with:

- The Nutella Crepe with bananas and strawberies – don’t expect a Japanese-style crunchy kiddie crepe from Genki living, these are French crepes- tender, delicate and very flavorful. A perfect pairing with the Vanilla ice cream.

To finish off our gustatory journey, we tried a cup of their Cafe Francais. According to Patricia “The French…. they are VERY particular about their coffee” This is not your weak, watered-down Taster’s Choice. The coffe was bold, it was rich, had incredible flavor, hell, it was almost espresso. Perfect just as it was, black, no cream, no sweetener.

The ice cream, the sandwiches, the entrees, the salads, the salad dressing are all hand-made which is the main reason why they are only open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. They spend the entire week making all of their Antisanale ice creams which are then sold at local Whole Foods! Hear that, people? If you are craving their ice cream on a weekday and they’re not open, head to one of the local Whole Foods that sells their ice cream and get your fix!

Since it was a slow day when we visited, we got a chance to have quite a bit of one on one time with Patricia and got a chance to really partake of her love of French food, life and learning. Her ambition and passion for what she does is nothing short of infectious and all of that love and pride is transferred into everything they serve at Deliceuse. Our first visit there was truly an experience for all the senses.

Lavender Ice Cream

inexplicably subtle yet flavorful. Words cannot describe this incredible creation

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