KFC - Kentucky Fried Chicken

 419 S Claude A Lord Blvd
Pottsville, PA

Pottsville KFC is the WORST

  • Worst restaurant I’ve ever ate at or worked at: *

-Management is often extremely Inconsiderate & Disrespectful to customers/workers

-Unsafe / contaminated conditions for workers and customers (I once got a very dangerous infection from this KFC in particular, which costed thousands in Expensive hospital bills. The Management didn’t care at all)

-Constantly cutting corners to save money & consequentially Worsening the product Quality

-The food served is OFTEN old, expired, or simply poor in quality. One time a worker dropped an entire tray of chicken on the GREASY, DIRTY floor and the General Manager forced him to pick it up and then they SERVED it to CUSTOMERS.

-Some of the equipment used to make / store the food was either faulty or unsanitary (1 example is potential foodborne illness hazard in the cooked chicken storage unit. This issue was never fixed or even addressed in 9 months of working here)

  • The Pottsville KFC is the worst place I’ve ever eaten at AND ever worken at. I’ve seen every worker Cook, Prepare & Serve and can state that the product I’ve seen leave this restaurant is TERRIBLE *

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