Somewhere In Augusta Bar and Grill

 2820 Washington Rd
Augusta, GA

Gone Downhill Fast

The food portions are smaller and not near as good as they use to be. Some of the employees are good but most of the servers I have had lately are clueless and can’t even remember a basic order without a notepad. The prices have gone up at the same time the service and quality has gone down. There are just too many good choices in Augusta to get ok food with crappy service. Somewhere use to be the place to be and the servcie was great so I hope someone can’t get it turned around quick or I will have to be driving further for a good sports bar again.

We came as a group for lunch, something we haven’t done in a while because of the above complainte and our food came out wrong and not all at the same time – as much as almost 10 minutes apart. With this kind of service it is no wonder hardly anyone was in there for lunch.

chicken wings

Absolutley nothing like they use to be – tough and hard to eat.


The stuff on the menu didn’t even come with the nachos and when I asked for it I was told it would be more money.

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