Cal's Classic American

Kent, WA

Welcomed new addition to Kent Station

Welcomed new addition to Kent station
Food and drinks were unique and enjoyed
all locally grown of made food and drink products
Extremely friendly staff made us feel welcomed like friends
Excellent service
Look forward to going again and salud to Cal’s furture !

Perfectly portioned, larged pieces of smoked chicken on bed of greens with grapes and nuts and perfe - Smoked Chicken Salad at Cal's Classic American

Smoked Chicken Salad

perfectly portioned for a meal
flavors complimented eaxh other.
Presentation was very well done.

locally grown, perfectly roasted and presented. - Roasted squash at Cal's Classic American

Roasted squash

nicely roasted
presentation was really well done
a slight cream type sauce was preseted on the plate which made a nice compliment to the squash

D's BBQ sandwich

The sandwich was plump, full of pulled pork and slaw topped
bun was fresh
and served with fries
well presented.

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Saansmom uploaded 1 image to Cal's Classic American